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Human D-Dimer McAb

Human D-Dimer McAb

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Host : Mouse;Application: Latex; Usage: /
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Name:  Human D-DimerMcAb

Catalog No. :  JY-MA0011

Host:  Mouse

Subtype:  IgG1-κ

Applications:  Latex

Format:  Powder   (Freeze   Dried)

Purity:  >90%

Buffer System:     0.1mol/L Phosphate Buffer

Storage Condition:   4℃storage, After completely dissolved, packaging, cryopreservation

Shelf Life:  Two years


1、You can choose the packaging size as per your request.

2、Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles, which affect the product quality. Pay attention to the storage condition.

3、This product is intended for research and manufacturing uses only. It is not a diagnostic device.

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