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NT-proBNP recombinant antigen

NT-proBNP recombinant antigen

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Host : E.coil; Application: ELISA, CLIA; Usage: Calibrator
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Product Specification Sheet


Name:  NT-proBNPrecombinant antigen

Catalog No. :  JY-PR0033

Specificity:   /

Expression System:  E.coli

Applications:  ELISA,CLIA

Molecular Weight:  27KD

Format:  Liquid         

Purity:  ≥90% 

Buffer System:     25mM Tris+ 0.1%SDS, PH8.3    

Usage:  Calibrator

Storage Condition:   -20℃±5

Shelf Life:  Two years


1You can choose the packaging size as per your request.

2Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles, which affect the product quality. Pay attention to the storage condition.

3、Biological materials and Genetic engineering proteins are only usable by professionals.

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