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Shenzhen Qianhai Diaeasy Biotechnology Co., Ltd (“Diaeasy”) founded in 2016, based on its professional in-vitro diagnostic marketing channels and huge supplier resources, Diaeasy aims at “Quality and Service”, and dedicates to provide high-quality raw materials and services to the customers. Our products include antigen, antibody, enzyme, microparticle, etc., which are wildly used in ELISA, Chemilumineseent Immunoassay(CLIA), Fluoroimmunoassay(FIA), Molecular Diagnosis, and Biochemical Diagnosis platforms.

Diaeasy is the exclusive distributor of SEKISUI ‘s Diagnotic Enzymes in Chinese market. Meanwhile, Diaeasy has developed strategic relationship with many domestic and international raw material suppliers. Currently, our products have covered multiple projects such as oncology, inflammation, myocardial infarction, infectious diseases, glycometabolism, kidney function, gastric function, and etc. Diaeasy will continue to develop more excellent suppliers and distributors, providing more secure raw materials and service to IVD customers.